folding chair

Every once in a while though, a ringer emerges. This business is the darling of the crowd. Everybody knows them, loves them, and trusts them. While all of the other businesses clamour into the ring, smashing each other over the head with folding chairs, the favoured business doesn’t even enter the ring. They quietly sell their thing to the masses of adoring fans.

But how?

How did the fan favourite win the game seemingly before the match even started? How did they even become the fan favourite?

One thing: bonding. 

Many business owners correlate transactional advertising with results. They pour 100% of their marketing budget and efforts into this approach. This one missing ingredient is the difference between consistent, high-intent, high-quality leads and a batch of goons looking to beat you up on price and price alone.

Leaving bonding out of your advertising is like leaving apples out of your apple pie. 

As a Sales Operations Specialist, I am the first person to say that I am not a marketer. What I can say with 100% conviction is that a relational buyer is a way easier person to close.

Proper marketing is the first of seven key factors in developing a Unified Selling System™ that help my clients become millionaires.

Since becoming a Wizard of Ads™ Partner I have learned the difference between a good marketer and a bad marketer.

Bad marketers are cheerfully full of nuts and bolts. For them, it’s all about price, loss leaders, cute and clever taglines, vanity metrics, how great the company is, and the right logo. Oh nelly, don’t forget that logo.

Good marketers are master storytellers. They understand the seduction of transformation, the power of personality, and how the greatest speeches, songs, movies, and books draw us deeply into the narrative, creating a bond with the characters involved.

Good marketers don’t dismiss the nuts and bolts, they just prioritize them. The number one priority in your business is saying stuff people want to hear about, care about, and enjoy. You get that right, and the nuts and bolts are easy peasy.

Love. That special ingredient that makes any dish delish.

When your curiosity gets the better of you, and you want to stop chasing the 7% of ‘today’ buyers and start a sincere relationship with the 68% of all buyersemail me.

When I read the Wizard of Ads book, I changed my mind, and I was ALL transactional. There is a better way. ~Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer

Good selling.