How To Claim And Optimize Your Indeed Company Profile

Let’s all agree that attracting, selecting, and retaining skilled labor is harder than ever. Indeed has done an excellent job of positioning itself as the product leader of choice for employers and candidates alike. This means business owners have to take every opportunity afforded to increase the chance of attracting, selecting, and retaining the right talent for the job. 

What many business owners do not know is that you can not only claim your Indeed Company Profile Page, but you can add a bunch of appealing content for potential candidates. 

In this article, we’ll review how you can claim your Indeed page, and how you can dress it up for a nice night out on the town. 

What is a Company Profile?

While Indeed isn’t a social networking site in the same vein as Facebook or Instagram, your company profile will still act as the social hub for your company on Indeed. 

Anytime someone has something to say about you as an employer, good or bad, it will appear on your company profile. In addition to this, regardless if you claim your company profile or not, this feedback still appears here. This means even if you didn’t want to have this impact your hiring process by opting out, all you’re really opting out of is control of how people see you. 

Worse than that, anyone can claim your profile if you don’t do it yourself. This can lead to misrepresentation and can be a serious detriment to your business’s image during the hiring process.

Here’s the good news. Claiming your company profile on Indeed is an incredibly simple process, even if someone else has wrongfully claimed it before you. Given the importance your profile has, it’s better to have a sense of urgency and take the few minutes it needs to set up now.

How to Claim your Company Profile:

  1. To claim your company Profile simply go to and type in your company name in the search bar.
  2. Look for your company on the next page and click through to the next screen. 
  3. Switch over to the “Why join us” tab right underneath your company name, then on the right side of the screen click on “Claim this company page”.
  4. On the next screen hit “claim” again.
  5. This will send your request to Indeed so they can verify before moving forward.

What Next?

Once you have been verified you will have control over various aspects of your company’s presence on Indeed. First off you will be able to upload an image to represent your company, a company logo or brand image will serve you well in creating brand awareness as an employer on Indeed. 

The next step is to write your “Why join us” section. This is your company’s personal bio. A brief description of your company and its culture is the beginning of what will set you apart from the competition. Just like your profile on any other platform, you want to show off all your best features or what makes you unique. 

Make sure you showcase the “Best Of” reasons that make people wish you would hire them. People align themselves with what they believe in, so what do you stand for? Better yet, what do you stand against? 

You can further stand out by adding company “Snapshots”. In this tab, you can add pictures from around the business. People at work, especially when they’re having fun. It doesn’t need to stay at the “office” either. Add some photos of events you’ve attended, charity functions, or local fundraisers to really tell people who you are and what you stand for. The more a person can see themselves working at your company, the more likely they are to apply. 

A Place for Feedback

Your Company Profile isn’t just about what you put into it though. It is also where people can leave reviews about your business. Good or bad, you won’t have control over who posts what here. The key here is that the healthier your relationships are with your employees, the better you will generally rank. 

Reviews have five categories that you will be rated on and give you a score from 1 to 5, all of them relating to a different aspect of the company as a whole.

Work/Life Balance: 

This is how much energy employees have left at the end of the day to pursue their own personal goals and interests or relax and recharge. 

Pay & Benefits:

This isn’t just how much you pay a person. It’s how well-compensated they feel for what they do. That includes things like paid holidays, salary, health benefits, and schedule flexibility. 

Job security and advancement:

Are you performing lay-offs frequently? Do you promote from within or externally? Do you have a high turnover rate? If people are constantly worried about being let go or feel they have nowhere to grow within the company it will be reflected here. 


Are you promoting managers, or are you promoting leaders? Do the people at the top motivate teammates to be the best they can be? Or do they weaponize fear, shame, and guilt in order to get results? Do they promote personal and professional growth? Or do meetings consist of someone yelling about KPIs, without any coaching to go with it?


Culture is the culmination of all the various aspects of what it’s like to be an employee at your business. All the previous factors can influence your ratings as well as the general atmosphere. Is your business a warm and welcome place where people enjoy coming to work every day? Do people dread having to see the boss every day, or do they look forward to their coaching sessions? The more people love what they do every day, the better you’ll score. 

Outside of the reviews, there are a few other places people can leave feedback. 

People can upload their own images to your page on the “Photos” tab. 

The “Salaries” tab allows people to share their personal incomes and promotes transparency amongst employees. 

In the “Interview” tab people can share their own interview experiences. This is an excellent place to gather feedback to help improve your onboarding process.

The last review style tab is “Questions” where, as you may have guessed, people can ask questions directly. This includes potential and current employees, so make sure to check here every so often to answer anything new. This tab can also serve as a pseudo FAQ section because the questions and answers are public. 

The last section to go over is “Jobs”. This is where all your active job postings will be stored with easy access for anyone scouting your company. This lets you specifically search within your company for any openings that come up, without having to filter out every other company in the same field. 

Take Control

While it may seem overwhelming at a glance, it only takes a few minutes to claim your company profile on Indeed, giving you control of your business’s voice during the recruitment process. This will let you choose how you want to be seen as a business, and an employer.