…but today you need more leads.

More leads mean more opportunities. More opportunity means more clients. More clients, more money, right? More leads come as a result of your reputation, your advertising, your presence (online and offline), and your selection of products and services being made available at a price people are willing to pay. With a great staff of talented people, you will sell your thing and make money. It seems simple – if they only knew, right?

Let’s assume** you have a sound reputation, a reasonable presence online and off, and a desirable selection of goods and services at prices people are willing to pay. We will assume you have a staff capable of selling your thing given you have a sufficient number of leads.


  • To make more money, you need more clients, or to sell each client more.
  • To get more clients, you need a powerful lead generation strategy.
  • A better lead generation strategy will generate more leads, thus, fulfilling the cycle.

So what you want is a marketing plan that would generate you more leads quickly.

A plan that:

  • Stayed on budget to your expected revenue;
  • Got the greatest reach, and therefore the greatest number of leads;
  • That generate your desired revenue or more.

The science behind this is very straightforward, but you must be warned: It will not continue to work as effectively when used frequently and has a nasty side effect of brainwashing all of your potential customers to wait for sales events.

But today, your business must eat.

Here is the framework you use to get more leads TODAY:

  • You must be incredibly intrusive. Call, email, text, radio, internet ads, and direct response mailers to as many people as you can possibly afford to reach. If you don’t make an overt effort to reach out to them, they will not make any effort to come to you. Be sure you are on a high frequency of repetition too, as every time your potential customer sleeps, their electrical memory is erased along with your message.
  • Your offers must seem too-good-to-be-true! Since you haven’t established a relationship, your only chance of closing deals is to be the best deal in town. The bigger the price tag, the better the deal has to be. You’re wondering if this means your existing clients too? It sure does. After all, you called them. It will take a powerful offer to have them swing 180o from zero interest to coming in and entertaining any offer from you, in time and money. You have to make it worthwhile or they’re not coming.
  • Like a hot air balloon, your offer has to be tethered to something logical. These are logic hooks. While you can get the right side of the brain emotionally charged with energy and exciting words, it won’t take long for the stuffy gatekeeper of the left brain to douse out that fire. With sound reasoning for showing up that doesn’t pull all the oxygen from their fire, you will generate an abundance of leads. Give them a verifiable and sensible sounding reason to show up and the left brain will allow the right brain to buy.
  • Make it urgent. If you have no deadline people will procrastinate. If your customer doesn’t believe that they can miss out, then they will not be motivated to show up. When your prospect genuinely believes that you have something special to offer and that their access to it is legitimately limited by time or quantity, you will have an active lead. Just don’t mess it up when they show up under this pretense.

With this framework, Wizard of Ads™ can easily spend your marketing budget to chase your expected revenue. We can measure reach, and therefore measure the most likely outcome; given your sales team holds up their end of the bargain. When done with the proper retention frequency, you will see all the leads you had hoped for (just remember those nasty side effects of putting this strategy into play too often).

But what if…what if you wanted more?

  • More than running your business month-to-month?
  • More than just some table scraps at the end of the month for you (if you’re lucky)?
  • More than a basic salary, especially given the brain damage you get running your business?
  • More than the ups and downs that keep you awake at night?
  • More than hopes and prayers that the next “magic pill” will get you there?
  • More than a fragmented and ad hoc marketing effort that never seems to fully connect with your customers?
    and much much more?

What if you could plant a garden? While you nurtured that garden, you continued to hunt, but you wouldn’t only hunt.

  • Early settlers of North America hunted bison into near extinction.
  • The cod fisheries were almost decimated in Eastern Canada when almost fished into extinction.
  • The Maori people hunted a monstrous bird called the Moa into extinction.

And more brick and mortar retailers have faced bankruptcy in the past 4 years than any other time in history.

The facts are plain and clear.

If you continue to do nothing but hunt,
you will eventually run out of things to hunt.
Then you will die.

Humans didn’t die though, right? That’s because we learned to farm…and hunt.

It’s not all or nothing. It’s about shifting the balance over to farming while hunting with purpose.

This is the modern Selling System™.

Today though, let’s go hunting. Your business is hungry.

** If you don’t have a sound reputation, a reasonable presence online and offline, and a desirable selection of goods and services at prices people are willing to pay, or if you don’t have a staff capable of selling your thing then we have more pressing things to discuss first.